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Thanks Leigh! I remember one of my favourite parts about New Zealand was how close everything felt - not the case in Canada haha some big road trips are required here! And yes you are so right about 3 years old being an easier age for travel, I would imagine your 18 month old wasn't so keen on sitting still! I remember you asking about swimming tips - I'm going to make a post on that, that is a great idea!


You guys are so brave doing a fourteen hour road trip!!! We just got back from Queenstown and that consisted of a two hour car ride to the airport and a two hour flight as well as the two hours waiting time in the airport and that was stressful enough! Three is definitely easier for travelling than 18 months though, for my boys anyway. I can reason with the three year old a bit more. As always, love your blog.

A comment for another one of your posts above, but how do you take two children to the pools? What tips to you have. I find that so so stressful!!

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