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Leigh two classes and a few walks is a lot! Chasing around a toddler is a non-stop workout in and of itself haha so good for you, mama friend!
And thanks Katie and Andy, your weekly workout posts keep me inspired and pushing hard all week (as do the great friends I workout with) :D


Look at you! What a solid week of training :)

And thanks for the love <3


Awwww. I love it!!! Thanks so much for the kind words. You are a rockstar yourself! Love that you have an awesome support group to help get you out the door and be a part of your triathlon journey. I love just showing up sometimes, too! My bf sometimes throws out ideas for workouts, and I'm like "Yup, that sounds perfect, I will do that!" Thanks again for the kind words! Happy training!


I love this. Makes me feel incredibly lazy seeing how much you do though! The most I manage is two body pump classes and 3 or so outdoors walks with Jamie in a week. I'll have to get some extra motivation from you!! Haha. Good job with triathlon trainings. Sounds like an awesome challenge.

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